Alright, just a quick update. We got some fun shows coming up. 

This Saturday March 14 we got a double header playing the South Fontana Skate park for their Skate Patrick's Day contest and Rafa's Lounge in Echo Park. The skate park is especially cool for me seeing as that was the first place I really learned to skate tranny and was once an employee when they decided to make it a members only park. Should be a personally good time for  me of catching up with some friends and shredding a bit. I wonder if I can get away with not wearing a helmet. 

Also rumor has it we may be playing The Press in Claremont on April 4th but no official officialness yet. 

At lastly, April 15th we'll be at The dA in downtown Pomona joining some really cool bands down in the dungeon. 

Alright then dudes. Here's some addresses as well to help you find these fine establishments:

FONTANA SKATE PARK-SOUTH: 16581 Filbert St, Fontana, CA 92335

RAFA'S LOUNGE ART GALLERY: 1836 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90026

THE DA CENTER FOR THE ARTS: 252-D South Main St, Pomona, California 91766 

Gotta do this more often.

Hello all,

I realize that I am a horrible blogger. I get busy. Or think I'm busy. I'm also very forgetful. If I don't do something immediately after I think of it, it just may just rapidly transform into some nebulous form then dissipate completely within a matter of seconds. So now I'm gonna try to set a day dedicated to ranting and raving and relishing in the blogoverse. 

First I guess I should get our show shit out of the way. We're playing Jan. 31st at The Lexington in DTLA with the likes of Bear Gatsby, Jurassic Shark, and White Woman (what great names). This show is put on by All Scene Eye in conjunction with Future Force Records and we couldn't be more excited. Well that's not true. I'm pretty sure there are some things that we would be more excited about. Like what if I walked out my front door and there was a large duffel bag lying there full of money. That would undoubtedly put a decent tickle to the taint. Or if I woke up one day and was 30 lbs thinner. That would warrant some pretty extreme excitability for two reasons. One, it would be awesome to lose this godforsaken weight without any real effort besides going to sleep and having a ridiculous imagination and two, if that did happen, the more rational (and many time purposefully neglected) side of my brain would wonder how this happened. Am I sick, dying, SUPERNATURAL, a weight losing mutant? I think those scenarios have pretty substantiated justifications for excitability. Yet, those scenarios are highly unlikely so I'll stick to this being the most exciting event for this week.

Ok, I think I did an ok job for this weeks post. Don't you? Please check out the SHOWS section of the site for more info. 

Until the next time I remember to blog, peace and love. 

Eat your vegetables. -Brian

Group Thanks

Just a quick post to thank everyone who came out to support our "Group Therapy" album release. We had such a blast. Mechanical Beast and Rudy de Anda killed it and we are very grateful they came out and played. Also, want to thank the M-Bar Byle Heights for working so well with us. Elvira and Neo held it down. Gotta give a shout to Sofia (or as Zack calls her "Josefina") for keep the tunes rolling in between sets and working the merch with Scarlett. Big, double extra large shout to Kevin, Fredo, Frans and Virg for joining us and allowing to album music to be more fully realized than what we can do as a 3 piece. You guys worked so hard and we are forever thankful. Can't forget Mike for working the door. Thanks big homie. Thanks Bardo for making the venue connect. Hope I'm not forgetting people but if you were involved in any way, thanks very very much.

Alright check the pics as well in the websites pictures section.

Stay tuned for new Cecil music on the way.